on Thursday, 16 September 2010
nastar never ends :D
delicious nastar which is fresh from the oven with hygiene delicious home made jam
we offer you two taste of strawberry and pineapple nastar sensasion

here we go
cheese topping nastar

nastar pack (standard topping)

with only 45.000 IDR you can enjoy this yummy cookies
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hey there :)
if you're addicted to cheese and maybe you are a cheese maniac
for sure you like this cute rich delicious cake castengel :D
yeah, enjoy a pack of castengel with your relative or your closest friend with only 45.000 IDR
I guarantee the freshness and the taste only for you :)

a pack of castengel

close up. yummy, right :)

you want it, we'll make it!
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how I meet your mother

on Tuesday, 14 September 2010
well, today is september 14, 2010
yup this is the 2nd anniversary of my sweet notebook acer 4925
but that's not the main things I could tell.

I remember How I Meet Your Mother anytime I remember the day on sept 11,2010
I met my boyfriend's parents, iyyawn :D
yap, I go to ciputat by riding a motorcycle with my beloved boyfriend Faldy Prasetyo
that's been soooooo far journey I ever had by riding the mocyc
but that was fun, and do ya know sob, he do this kind of journey routine
and I know that he do it fo me, hahay.. #sosweet

I met his parents Mr.Gatot and Ms.Maulida, his brother Rendy and sister Dinda,
I heard my heart beating faster and faster but yah, it is overcomed :D

Eid Mubarak greeting card

Happy Eid mubarak 1431!
i sent you my hand made greeting card which is extremely cute, huhuh XD

ya, I made it by myself and hey people... forgive me yaw :D

first post

well guys, this is my first post..
yiihaa.. after this all creepy time that I made sooo much blog in many hosting, this is my brand new blog
and course yes, I wish it would be the last blog wihiyy :))

yeha, for God sake I am not a phobia :))